Blue Angel Lube 1x4 Sticks

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Blue Angel Lube
is the product most commercial casters use and is our most popular lubricant. This lube requires 125 to 140 degrees to flow and is a clean wax lube. When combined with a good hard cast bullet, it produces a combination that can be shot at maximum velocities for cast bullets, while reducing lead build up and improving accuracy.

Only available by the stick in Blue.  Choose solid stick or hollow stick.

Optimal order size for small USPS flat rate box:
  • up to 15 sticks of 1x4 lube -- or --
  • up to 3 sticks of 2x6 lube
Case sizes for medium USPS flat rate box:
  • up to 100 sticks of 1x4 lube -- or --
  • up to 20 sticks of 2x6 lube

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